Fifteen families from the municipalities of Barlig, Bauko, Bontoc, Sabangan and Sadanga participated in the Learning Package for Parent Education (LPPED) Training held on March 21-22 at Bontoc, Mountain Province.

The activity was conducted through the Commission on Population-CAR, Cordillera Parents Federation Incorporated (CPFI) and Provincial Population Office of Mountain Province. This is the first among a series of activities funded by PopCom-CAR, CPFI and LGUs aimed to help improve family well-being in the region

Parents and their teenage children sat through lectures and joined workshops to enrich their knowledge about self-awareness, fertility and reproductive health, roles in the family, and prevention of risks and threats.

To facilitate learning, separate sessions for parents, mothers and fathers, and adolescents were organized to discuss specific topics. However, parents and adolescents were able to learn about their journey in terms of fertility and sexuality in a joint session. This activity also serves as an opportunity for each one of them to express their love, affection and respect for one another.

Through discovering each one’s personality and parenting types, mothers and fathers had the chance to reflect on their own personal experiences. Their knowledge about family well-being was enriched by understanding the importance of family in one’s life. Parents were also able to identify and share the threats and risks they fear might affect their adolescents, and how they can avoid them in their own ways.

The habits of effective parenting and tips on how to improve communication with adolescents were also discussed during the Parents’ Session. Mothers were educated about women’s rights and roles in maternal, natal and child health and nutrition.

While on the other hand, fathers were educated regarding their vital role in their children’s reproductive health, prevention of early sexual encounters among their male children, and their own reproductive health needs. They were also taught about the importance of Family Planning and the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections and/or HIV/AIDS.

The Adolescents’ Sessions also introduced the concept of self-awareness and setting goals, gender and sexuality. They also actively took part in identifying and portraying the issues of the youth especially on Teenage Pregnancy and Early Sexual Encounters. Along with awareness of their vulnerabilities, they were also taught about prevention and were empowered through Life Skills development.

For the Parents Sessions, PopCom-CAR’s LPPED Modules were used as resource materials. Cordillera Parents Federation Inc. also provided their Adolescent Sexuality and Reproductive Health modules for the Adolescents Sessions.