Frontline Service:

Provide technical assistance, resource augmentation, data and information services to program partners and walk-in clients

About the Service:

The Commission on Population and Development,  being the overall policy making, coordinating and monitoring body of the Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP) is responsible in ensuring quality technical services to all program stakeholders and clients. The technical assistance and services aim to improve the efficient and effective delivery of program services on the three program components:  Responsible Parenthood-Family Planning (RPFP), Adolescent Health and Development (AHD) and Population and Development (POPDEV) Integration.

Specifically, the following are the services offered:

  1. Technical Assistance and Resource Augmentation;
  2. Provision of Data and Information;
  3. Advocacy and communication;
  4. Provision of RPFP forms and commodities; and,
  5. Administrative Services;

Schedule of Availability of Service:

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday

Who may avail of the Service:

Local Population Officers, Regional and Local Program Partners, Civil Society Organizations

What are the Requirements:

Stated per service



I. Provision of Technical Assistance and Resource Augmentation

The Commission provides technical assistance and resource augmentation to partners and stakeholders in the implementation of the PPMP strategies at the local level. 

Section In Charge: Office of the Regional Director, Technical Section and Admin Section

Provision of Technical assistance and technical services for better organization of the servicesProvision of Resource Augmentation

II. Provision of Data and Information

The Commission provides statistical and demographic information for purposes information, research, education, planning and decision-making purposes. It also provides technical assistance in processing and analyzing data to partners.

Section in Charge: Technical

Provision of data and information

III. Advocacy and Communication

The Commission provides IEC materials along RPFP, AHD and POPDEV for advocacy and educational purposes.  The manuals on the PPMP strategies are also made available to requesting parties.

Section In Charge: Technical

IV. Provision of RPFP Forms and Commodities

The Commission provides printed Forms 1 and 2 to Population Officers to ensure that those who have undergone RPFP classes are captured in the RPFP online database.  RPFP supplies are also made available to program partners.  

Section In Charge: Office of the Regional Director

IV.	Provision of RPFP Forms and Commodities

V. Provision of Administrative Services

The Commission provides financial and administrative services to partners and clients in the form of mobilization fund reimbursement, payment of suppliers and provision of human resource documents to those who were separated from service.

Section In Charge: Admin Section

Reimbursement of Mobilization Expensesrequest for HR documents